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Standing tall

Forests on an epic scale. The temperate rain forests on the west coast around Vancouver are Canada's natural temples. The scale of the flora and fauna have to be seen and touched to understand just how big they really are. Majestic Douglas Firs reach for the sky. The atmosphere is one of mist, pine, cedar, and fir. Don't forget to listen - trickling water and wildlife are all around . . . truly inspiring.

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We love the sea

As a coastal seaport city Vancouver boasts miles of fabulous shorelines. We love the openness of the coast it is a real contrast to the hustle of the city and the wildness of the wilderness. Open spaces and the light just make you take stock and breathe . . . We've captured what we can and packaged it up as Sea Breeze a marine fragrance with sea salt, sage and amber. Enjoy. 

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Essence of nature

Pebble Cove fragrances have been inspired by the great outdoors in and around the coastal seaport city of Vancouver. We launched in Canada in 2019 and can be found in many retail outlets including Xxxxx and Xxxxx as well as here soon for online purchase. We hope you enjoy our brand and fragrances which have been blended to give your home a feeling of relaxation, peace, and calm to counter today's hectic lifestyles.  

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